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“I will be moving to Germany this summer!


I really have you to thank for putting the thought of Germany into my head. Before going to the Bel Canto program, I would have never even considered living and working in Germany as a possibility.

Thank you so much for organizing such an extensive and relevant program.”

Christina Campsall, sang at the Teater Nordhausen, Germany, Bel Canto participant

”The information and training in the art of auditioning for opera agents in Germany was invaluable and the culmination of this in auditions for three German agents was a rare opportunity that was for me, a highly successful experience. Narelle Martinez runs a program with an emphasis on healthy singing for a long lasting career.”

Anna Voshege,  Finalist of the IFAC Australian Singing Competition

Listen to Anna Voshege sing Glitter and Be Gay in the ASC Finals

”The Bel Canto Summer Voice Program has been a wonderful and exciting experience for me.


The knowledge gained over the four week period has been invaluable and I now have a greater understanding of what is required when auditioning for Opera theatres in Germany. Highlights include attending many performances at the Munich Opera House, hearing from current performers in the industry, performing to German audiences and auditioning for agents.


It has been a privilege to have been invited back by one of the agents from ZAV to perform in vocal workshops and a concert in which I will be given the opportunity to be heard by directors and agents invited to attend.”

Michelle Ryan, Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Australia), Audition Training  

“The Bel Canto Voice Program in Munich is a uniquely tailored program that focuses on the growth of the individuals, not the performances at the end of the month. While in the program, you are completely immersed in good and healthy singing, and have the opportunity to see a large number of operas at the Bavarian Staatsoper in the center of Munich; I had the good fortune of seeing 6 amazing performances.


You are able to interact with professional opera singers and agents as they describe the opera industry in Germany and provide advice for aspiring opera singers.


Not only that, while I was there, I discovered my true voice, voice type, my deep desire to become an opera singer, and the path I should take to reach my goal. This program destroyed the limits that I had put on myself while at my University, and showed me a glimpse of my possible future.”

Felicia Baker, University of Rhode Island (USA), Voice Study

This summer I experienced an informative, constructive and inspiring month in Munich at the Bel Canto Summer Voice Program the acting lessons, German dialogue training, applied lessons (both tech and Repertoire), German language classes, masterclasses, coachings, audition training and staging rehearsals were all of the utmost quality.


The faculty both nurture and challenge you to expand yourself not only as a singer, but also as an artist. It was also thrilling to be in Munich, a German cultural hub, during the Munich Opera Festival. I had the opportunity to watch world class opera singers (Diana Damrau, Ramon Vargas, Rolando Villazòn, Thomas Hampson, etc...) and be exposed to the German "opera business."


I wholeheartedly recommend the Bel Canto Summer Voice Program to anybody wanting to expand their 

understanding of the European and German opera scene.  


Did the Program meet your expectations?   

“Exceeded it!  The intimate work setting and calibre of instruction was excellent.”

Terri-Lynn Michell, (Westen University, Canada) Audition Training

Did the Program meet your expectations?

“Definitely, intensive individualized work was great! It became about developing us as a singer and performer rather than only to put on a show.

Gabrielle Heidinger, (Canada) Audition Training

​“It went above and beyond my expectations. I’ve been to other programs that only scratched the surface. I really felt like this delved deeper and was great preparation to becoming a professional.”

Christina Campsall, (Toronto, Canada) Audition Training

"Great preparation and focus on auditioning in Germany. This is the only program I know of that does this.”

Stephanie Yelovich, (Canada) Audition Training Participant 2013

Did the Program meet your expectations?

“Lesson quality and quantity was excellent.  It did, and in many ways exceeded them. Especially the amount of lessons. I loved the lessons, German lessons, acting with Ercan, auditioning with agents.

But the BEST part was getting to experience the Staatsoper.”

Samantha Picket, (Toronto, Canada) Audition Training

Did the Program meet your expectations?

“Yes, I felt like there was great opportunity for individual attention, and I worked more one-on-one than in other programs. It did, and in many ways exceeded them. I loved my lessons and how many there were the biggest “PLUS” of the program is how much one-on-one training you get.”

Rachel Schwarz, (London, Ontario) Audition Training

”During my four week period at the Bel Canto Summer Voice Program I had the privilege of working with Narelle Martinez. The private vocal lessons conducted by Narelle were wonderful for me and enabled my voice to stay in great shape throughout the course of the intensive program. I found the lessons to be very well structured, consistent and effective, with the focus of breathing being a great aid for my singing. I also found Narelle to be very welcoming and supportive of my goals and I hold a great respect for her delight in encouragement toward young Australian singers today wanting to pursue a career in opera.”

Michelle Ryan, Audition Training Participant 2015, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia

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