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Audition Training and consulting

With more than 20 Young Artists Programs, 83 opera companies, 130 orchestras, 89 agents constantly looking for new talented artists, Germany is THE place to be for a young opera singer at the start of his/her career.

 Is your goal an engagement in a German speaking opera house?  My goal is to prepare you for agent  and theatre auditions. 

Voice Training Audition preparation:

 For singers about to embark on an audition tour or competition circuit. Especially in German speaking countries and hoping for a fest engagement.


Special focus will be on repertoire, your fach, presentation, choosing the 5 arias for your audition tour and general questions concerning the profession in German speaking countries and the preparation work needed for a successful career. 

This course prepares selected singers for the professional world and provides rare insight into the theatre world of Germany. 

 Are you unsure of the requirements needed to do a successful agent ot theatre audition in Germany. I'll be happy to speak with you and answer your questions.

 Consultation:  90 minute session

       Included in consulting  fee: 

  • Accessing your voice

  • Advising on your 5 audition arias appropriate for the German theatres and agents

  • Discussing your fach 

“The Bel Canto Summer Voice Program has been a wonderful and exciting experience for me. The knowledge gained over the four week period has been invaluable and I now have a greater understanding of what is required when auditioning for Opera theatres in Germany.


Highlights include attending many performances at the Munich Opera House, hearing from current performers in the industry, performing to German audiences and auditioning for agents. It has been a privilege to have been invited back by one of the agents from ZAV to perform in vocal workshops and a concert in which I will be given the opportunity to be heard by directors and agents invited to attend.”  


Australian Soprano Michelle Ryan, Audition Training,  

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