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Audition Training


Is your goal an engagement in a German speaking opera house?  Then this intensive program is for you! Our goal is to prepare you for agent auditions at the end of the program.

Vocal Study


Do you feel your acting skills need further work? You haven’t had enough experience in scene study, ensemble work or acting ?  Look no more this program will ensure you leave with confidence in your acting  and performance skills. Carefully chosen scenes and duets will be assigned for your stage of development. This program has two levels.

The  ART of the LIED MUNICH Program offers the participants an intensive overview of the 19th Century German Art Song. A limited number of significant Lied composers will be examined in depth in order to gain a greater understanding of the common characteristics of each genre and stylistic traits specific to the historical context in which these works were composed.

                                                                           Inaugural Program in 2020

Franz Schubert 01.jpg

Young Dramatic Voice


Do you think you will develop into a spinto or dramatic voice? Then this program is for you. This specialized program is taught by experienced instructors in the field. We are dedicated to developing and nurturing the talent of the young dramatic voice.

Collaborative Pianist


The Collaborative Pianist come prepared to play for the audition training, scene study, master classes.

German Language Study


The most effective way to learn a language is to take a course in the country where it is spoken.  You will be surrounded by the language during your stay with us, which means that you are subconsciously absorbing the language in your daily life.

The only vocal program in Munich.
Come and have an unforgettable experience!

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