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German Language Study Program

Bel Canto Summer Voice Program in Munich offers an optional class in the German Language.


The most effective way to learn a language is to take a course in the country where it is spoken. You will be surrounded by the language during your stay with us, which means that you are subconsciously absorbing the language in your daily life. Classes will be taught by a qualified native-speaker with years of teaching experience.

Cost additional to program: $425 

Course structure and information:

 Method: Communicative, interactive approach.

The main focus will be improving your conversational skills.

 2 x 45 minute units, three times weekly for the duration of the program

or 2 x 2 hour classes twice weekly and 90 minute interviewing for an audition class.

 How to interview for an agent in German, vocabulary, standard phrases.

 Mock interview.

 Don't worry it will be fun!

Level A1 – A2 Spoken German

The only vocal program in Munich.
Come and have an unforgettable experience!

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