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The Art of Lied Munich

Franz Schubert 01.jpg

 Dates: July 27 - August 15, 2020 

The ART of the Lied MUNICH Program offers the participants an intensive overview of the 19th Century German Art Song. A limited number of significant Lied composers will be examined in depth in order to gain a greater understanding of the common characteristics of each genre and stylistic traits specific to the historical context in which these works were composed. The primary goal of this course is to familiarize the participants with the standard German art song repertoire through discussion of poetic analysis, interpretation and performance issues. At the end of the program two public concerts will be given by the participants in Munich. Participants will be assigned  7 - 10 songs from the above composers or participants can arrive with their recital program to be worked on.

Program Structure:


Lieder classes -  German classes - The poet and text - Private voice lessons - Acting lessons - Audition Training - Lectures - Two public concerts. Throughout this program participants will receive all elements of technique, language, and interpretation. There will be the possibility for advanced singers to attend the audition training classes at an extra fee and sing  for a German agent.  


Lieder classes - German classes - The poet and text - Group coachings - Lectures - Two public concerts. Throughout the program pianists will receive intense training with Lorne Richstone and Ted Ganger on all elements of technique, language, and interpretation. All pianists must come prepared to accompany all scenes, masterclasses and concerts.

Tuition fee: $3,995 includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner, all classes, German classes and a day trip to Salzburg and Neuschwanstein Castle ( optional).

For those singers wishing to join the audition training classes and sing for an agent at the end of the program a $ 500.00 fee will be added to the tuition fee.

Eight spots available - Singers Age: 21- 35  Pianists 18 - 36

Please email us for more information 


Coach / Conductor Ted Ganger is one of the most experienced, passionate and fun teachers I have ever worked with. I was incredibly lucky to have met a mentor like him before my audition in Germany. In our first meeting I was already feeling hugely supported and very positive about his advice. He knew exactly what I needed to be successful in Germany. By the 4th lesson I had gained a lot of confidence and motivation to do well not only in my audition but also in my life as a pianist!

My audition was successful, I am now studying for my  Masters in Stuttgart, Germany

Rosa Kim, Pianist Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

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